Infographic: Map of Water Allocations in China's Yellow River Basin

Water allocations for the Yellow River Basin's nine provinces. A…

Photo Slideshow: Irrigation to Industry — Trading Water Rights in China's Yellow River Basin

New industries invest in repairing irrigation canals in exchange for the right to use water from the Yellow River.

Photo Slideshow: China's South-North Water Transfer Project

Taken together, the three lines are an audacious strategy to solve the increasingly dire confrontation between rising energy demand in a nation that is steadily getting drier.
China Pipeline Map

Infographic: China's South-North Water Transfer Project

Authorities close to the central government say the western line will be built.

Infographic: China's Wind Energy Sector is Global Leader

Wind generating capacity in China has reached more than 42 GW—the most of any country.

Photo Slideshow — Choke Point: China

A gallery of images from Choke Point: China, a new water-energy series about the tightening noose that could choke off China’s modernization.

Q&A: Chris Groves - Exploring Underground Water Systems in Mammoth Cave

Renowned cave explorer Dr. Chris Groves goes deep into Mammoth Cave to see how torrential rainfall above affects underground rivers and ancient passages.