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In Climate Talks, Plans to Keep Planet from Overheating Should Not Ignore Water

Carbon-reduction plans, if not well designed, can worsen water scarcity and pollution.

Toxin Levels Spike, Prompting Drinking Water Emergency in Northern California

Cyanotoxins in the state’s second-largest freshwater lake soared this month amid a hot, dry summer.

The Town that Flood-Proofed Itself

Ottawa, Illinois learned how to keep its residents out of harms way. But on the river’s edge, safety has often required sacrifice.

Dam Battles Converge on Cambodia’s 3S Rivers

The rivers are an ecological bounty in the Mekong watershed. But technical reviews pay little attention to environmental costs of dam building.

‘The Opportunity Is Now’: Water Advocates View Upcoming UN Climate Conference as Moment of Relevance

Water was overlooked in past global climate talks. Advocates are focusing on the Glasgow meeting to highlight water’s indispensable climate role.

‘Eyes in the Sky’ Help Police California Water Use

Satellite data is one monitoring tool regulators turn to in this very dry year.

Amid Extreme Heat and Drought, Line 3 Pipeline Construction Puts Water At Risk

State agencies insist — though scientists and indigenous leaders furiously disagree — that waterways won’t be affected.


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