HotSpots H2O: Flooding Is Latest Strain on South Sudan

Torrential rainfall is battering one of the world’s poorest countries, laying bare its weak infrastructure.

The Transformation and Innovation of Agriculture – Interview with Naty Barak

J. Carl Ganter sits down and talks with Naty Barak on the transformation and innovation in the agriculture sector.

U.S. Irrigation Continues Steady Eastward Expansion

Irrigated farmland in the United States climbed to a record-high 58 million acres in 2017, according to new federal government data.

Toxic Water, Toxic Crops: India’s Public Health Time Bomb

Raw sewage and industrial wastewater contaminated with metals and chemicals irrigate much of the India's food.

Egypt’s Nile River Pressured by Population Growth, Rising Sea Level

Threats to the Nile and explosive population growth are pushing Egypt toward severe water scarcity.

Kansas Farmers Cut Ogallala Water Use – And Still Make Money

Groundwater conservation helped the imperiled aquifer and did not hurt the bottom line, farmers find.

Drought-Hit Zimbabwe Unravels Amid Humanitarian, Economic, and Political Crises

Protests threaten to unseat Mugabe government, while four million people face hunger.

Slideshow: Water On The Prairie

North Dakota’s prairie pothole wetlands are under threat from rapid oil and agricultural development.

Water Scarcity, Public Protest Slow Foreign Farmland Purchases

New GRAIN study finds changed conditions in international “land grabs.”

Lake Huron’s 9 Aquaculture Farms Drawn Into Michigan Legislative Furor

Ontario and Michigan express caution about expansions.

Southern Africa Droughts Jeopardize Food for Millions

Though El Nino has peaked, its effects linger across the continent.