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The Biggest Dry

Use your mouse to drag the frame left, right, up or down. You can also use your mouse to zoom in and out. Map by Terrell Robbins.


Idea Central: Collaborative Solutions to SE Australia’s Water Crisis

Software to Engage the Wisdom of Crowds By Nadya Ivanova Circle of Blue Following publication of The Biggest Dry – a multimedia report on the dire drought... Read More...

Fire Hot, Sky Blue, Australia’s Dire Drought Tests Journalists

A Struggle to Tell a Story Everyone Seems to Know Old rice paddies turn to wheat fields and wheat fields turn to dust, so goes the story in Deniliquin, New South... Read More...

The Biggest Dry

Australia’s Epic Drought is Global Warning Circle of Blue Reports The grievous consequences of drought and global warming are more visible and dangerous in... Read More...

Australia’s Food Bowl, Like The World’s, Is Drying Up

An Industrialized Nation Reckons With A 12-Year Drought In The Murray-Darling Basin The skeletons of Australia’s iconic Red Gum trees haunt the shrinking shores... Read More...

A Rice Town’s Cry

Will the sky ever listen again? A lone rice paddy stands flooded with water pumped from the ground near Deniliquin, New South Wales. In the face of water shortages,... Read More...

An Elder’s Prayer for The River

Fish Come Back Dead Red Gum trees, Lake Pamamaroo near Menindee (click image to enlarge). by Keith Schneider Photographs by J. Carl Ganter Circle of Blue Reports MENINDEE,... Read More...

Here’s Something New in Australia: A Plan That Takes Water from Agriculture

At First Aghast, Victoria Grower Leads Campaign in Support of Water-Saving Construction The sun-dried expanse between Shepparton and Deniliquin, New South Wales,... Read More...

Behind Curtain of Fire, A Land Disfigured By Man and Drought

Can a Century of Canal Digging, Channel Constructing, Man Made Plumbing Be Undone Once a farmer now a conservationist, Greg Ogle stands among Australia’s giant... Read More...

The Biggest Dry: Credits and Acknowledgments

Managing Director J. Carl Ganter Writer & Senior Editor Keith Schneider Interactive Editor Eric Daigh Producer Eileen E Ganter Field Production Aaron Jaffe Nadav... Read More...

Photo Gallery

Feature Videos

Video: The Biggest Dry, Stories of Australia’s Waning Rivers & Worried Towns

A love song, a hymn of mourning: where has Australia’s beloved water gone?

Video: Aboriginal Elder Beryl Carmichael Sings the River’s Lament

Using chants and stories, Aboriginal elder Beryl Carmichael shares with Circle of Blue the spiritual and visceral pain of a dry and dying Darling River.

Video: Caring for Basins Beyond Reform with Australian Scientist John Williams

It’s time to stop playing around with reform, says renowned Australian water scientist John Williams.

Video: Julian Cribb Predicts “Diabolical” Future for World’s River Basins

Agricultural journalist Julian Cribb forecasts a perilous destiny for the world’s river basins and food baskets, a destiny he attributes to climate change and unchecked agricultural demand for water.

Video: Greg Ogle Illustrates Murray’s Failing Circulatory System

Farmer turned conservationist, Greg Ogle explains how appearances can be deceiving.

Video: Mark Turrell Interview

An interview with Imaginatik CEO Mark Turrell about Idea Central.

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