The Stream, November 10: World Losing Chance To Avoid Climate Change, EIA Warns

If fossil fuel development is not rapidly changed, the world will “lose for ever” the chance to avoid dangerous climate change, the International Energy Agency warned, according to the Guardian. EIA’s World Energy Outlook 2011 report sounds alarm bells in both developing and developed nations.

Has the leadership on climate changed suddenly passed from the developed to the developing world? A thought-provoking blog post in The New York Times.

A Climate Progress guest blogger criticizes The Wall Street Journal for its coverage of a recent global warming study. Is the criticism justified?

Can the Keystone XL pipeline play a major role in Barack Obama’s re-election? With a strong energy industry lobby versus a vocal environmental campaign, the pressure is on the president to make a decision about the pipeline proposal.

More frequent and severe droughts in southern China are disrupting the country’s hydropower plans, according to Environment & Energy Publishing.

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