Treehugger: Mobile Phones and Mapping Are Next Big Tools for Water Sector

In January we wrote on mobile phones and water mapping technology:

Among the most popular and effective new tools are mobile phones and mapping technologies that rely on rising access to wireless Internet connections and cloud computing to facilitate the flow of information… By deploying this and other new technologies–including data monitoring and water quality testing–water advocates and service organizations are taking a serious look at project outcomes in order to learn from their failures.

Treehugger picked up the coverage:

We’re quickly approaching 7 billion people on the planet. And as the number of people goes up, the amount of fresh water we have access to is on the decline. The water sector is one area where intelligent use of technology will go a long way in helping us maintain stable supplies. We know that smart meters for water supplies will help us avoid a water crisis — New York City and California are already testing out this new technology — but there are other, cheaper technologies that can help too: cell phones and maps. …read more…

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