The Stream, March 12: Japan’s Tsunami Disaster – One Year On

A year after the devastating tsunami in Japan, communities in the affected regions are slowly repairing their towns. On the one-year anniversary of the disaster, the Guardian features a series of montages that press agencies have created by combining pictures taken during or just after the tsunami hit with images taken up to a year later.

Meanwhile, take a look at these surreal pictures of water pollution in Canada and the United States featured in the April issue of Wired magazine.

Environmental groups have filed a suit against a development project on the shores of California’s ailing Salton Sea that environmentalists say would exacerbate pollution and threaten wildlife in nearby parks, Reuters reported.

The dozen earthquakes last year in Ohio were likely caused by wastewater from oil and natural gas drilling injected into a disposal well, Bloomberg News reported, citing a state report. In light of the findings, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has proposed new rules for fluid transportation and disposal that it said would be some of the toughest in the United States, including banning drilling into certain rock formations and requiring geological studies before wells are given green light.

A new project plans to help provide clean water to up to 4 million Kenyans through an innovative carbon credit granted to a filter designed to cut infections and reduce deforestation, according to Financial Times. The filter aims to clean water without the need to cut firewood to boil water for drinking.

U.S. scientists have unveiled a new device that could turn sewage plants into power stations with the potential to provide electricity to entire water grids, the Guardian reported.

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