World Water Day 2012 Buzz

The world celebrates World Water Day and reflects on one of its greatest challenges.

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Celebrating World Water Day 2012: Water and Food Security 

  • Read the United Nations report: “Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk”.
  • Watch Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announce the creation of the The U.S. Water Partnership (with photos from Circle of Blue).
  • See what’s happening in Rome at the Official World Water Day Ceremony.
  • View water use projections for 2050 from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
  • Watch a new video from the Columbia Water Center about water distribution.
  • Read about Ned Breslin’s positive approach to World Water Day
  • Watch a 2010 video from the UN to learn about the importance of World Water Day.
  • Participate in World Water Day events in your community.
  • Calculate your water footprint and learn how to reduce your water usage.
News Updates: 
  • The International Water Management Institute won the Stockholm Water Prize, according to Market Watch.
  • Learn how bacteria and solar power may be able to purify water, via Christian Science Monitor.
  • is encouraging social media users to donate their voice to World Water Day. Learn how you can participate on Huffington Post.
  • Learn about the danger of water shortages on the Washington Post.
  • Singapore will be celebrating World Water Day this Saturday with 25,000 people in 15 different locations, reports Channel News Asia.
  • Water scarcity around the world and who has access to water sources are outlined by the LA Times.
  • The need to use water more efficiently in agriculture is detailed by Reuters Alert Net.
  • Learn about how island nations are discussing the connection between water and food, via Pacific Scoop.
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