The Stream, June 3: Oyster Deaths and Ecological Collapse in Apalachicola Bay

The Apalachicola Bay is a budding ecological crisis, with a crashing oyster population after decades of reduced river-supply flows. Overharvesting and drought, The New York Times reported, are the two primary contributors, and despite restoration efforts, there is not enough fresh water for the oysters to rebound.

Read Circle of Blue’s story about the region’s struggling oyster harvest here.

Technology and Investment
Singapore – already a major water technology innovator and manufacturer – is trying to attract some of the $US 850 billion China will spend in the next decade to improve its polluted water supply. The country’s development, the Guardian reported, will focus on reservoirs, water recycling, and desalination.

Shifting Usage in India
Several districts that depend on the Cauvery River for drinking water are asking Kerala’s government to release more water. The monsoon season is about to begin, The Hindu reported, and communities need the water more immediately than crops do.

The push for greater water releases comes in parallel to new rules from Bangalore’s water and sewerage board guiding Cauvery water releases. Now, The Times of India reported, residents can approach the water board directly to request connections.

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