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David Breashears

In 2007, from 5,600 meters atop the north side of Mount Everest, explorer David Breashears recalls how he was “astonished” by what he saw and “shocked” that he hadn’t been more aware of the state of this Tibetan glacier. Breashears was on a comparative photography assignment to match a photo from 1921 with the modern […]

Report: Australian News Coverage Affects Public Acceptance of Policy and Science

Insufficient media coverage of the science behind water management undermines public engagement and understanding, according to a recent study. Photo © Circle of Blue Recycled Water Plant — but not in Australia — in Singapore “Study finds that recycled water might be safe to drink.” “Study finds that recycled water is completely safe to drink.” […]

Colombia vs. Nicaragua: Dispute Over Borders and Resources in the Caribbean

Photo © NASA Quitasueño Bank, San Adrés Archipelago, Caribbean Sea, Colombia In response to an unfavorable International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling pertaining to an interboundary water dispute with Nicaragua, Reuters reported on November 28th that the nation of Colombia has withdrawn from the Bogota Pact of 1948 – and will henceforth refuse to recognize […]

The Stream, December 18: ‘Peak Farmland’ May Be Good for All

Will farm land run out? The New York Times Dot Earth blog takes a sneak peek look at the forthcoming study, Peak Farmland and the Prospects for Saving Nature. The big idea? Trends show that population growth and farm land use are “decoupling,” that is to say that our demand for acres of farm land […]

The Stream, December 11: World Resources at ‘Critical Juncture’

The United States National Intelligence Council has just issued the Global Trends Report, which publishes every five years, reports The Guardian. The report finds that, “owing to an increase in the global population and the consumption patterns of a growing middle class,” the demand for water will grow by 40%, for energy by 50%, and […]

The Stream, December 4: Water Governance for and by the U.S.

Ahead of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the application of the Clean Water Act to runoff from logging roads, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a new permit regulation that fundamentally changed the nature of the court case, the New York Times reports. The basis for the court case stems from the Oregon logging industry, […]

Video: Scarcity, Pollution, and Energy are Choke Point: China II Focus

Allison Voglesong  is an editorial intern for Circle of Blue based out of Traverse City, Michigan. She holds a BA in International Relations from Michigan State University’s James Madison College. Her interests include water pricing, environmental economics and policy, and conflict mediation.

The Stream, November 27: Doha Climate Talks Commence

Monday marked the first day of talks among the in Doha, Qatar on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), otherwise known as the 18th Conference of the Parties, or COP18, reports the Washington Post. This round of talks marks the last in a series of negotiations over the past five years that […]

The Stream, November 20: Greenhouse Gases Record High in 2011

According to the BBC the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, released today, announced that the atmospheric concentrations of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide reached a record high at 391 parts per million in 2011. Other greenhouse gases, like methane, also were recorded at an all-time high. According to the Greenhouse Gas Bulletin press […]

The Stream, November 13: U.S., Energy, and Climate Change

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), “by around 2020, the United States is projected to become the largest global oil producer,” according to their World Energy Outlook 2012 report. According to Scientific American, “easier access to more oil and gas could cause a surge in global greenhouse gas emission levels, which could trump recent […]

The Stream, November 6: U.S. Votes for Future of Water and Climate

Circle of Blue’s 2012 Election Guide to Water U.S. citizens will go to the polls today no only to elect the next President, but some will also make crucial decisions about their water. Check out Circle of Blue’s 2012 Election Guide to Water by Brett Walton for more information about water-related ballot issues to be […]

Video: Pat Mulroy at the 2012 WaterSmart Innovations Conference

Patricia Mulroy, general manager of the Las Vegas Valley Water District and the Southern Nevada Water Authority, addresses the 5th Annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference.