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What’s Up With Water – July 22, 2019

Eileen Wray-McCannEileen Wray-McCann is a writer, director and narrator who co-founded Circle of Blue. During her 13 years at Interlochen Public Radio, a National Public Radio affiliate in Northern Michigan, Eileen produced and hosted regional and national programming. She’s won Telly Awards for her scriptwriting and documentary work, and her work with Circle of Blue […]

What’s Up With Water – July 15, 2019

What’s Up With Water is your weekly rundown of need-to-know water news from Circle of Blue.

What’s Up With Water – Vietnam’s Water Challenges

A new report by the World Bank outlines the challenges that Vietnam faces.

Restoring Water Systems in Paradise, California

This week’s episode of Circle of Blue’s weekly podcast, What’s Up With Water, focuses on restoring water systems to Paradise, California.

What’s Up With Water – Chicago’s New Mayor, In Rare Move, Considers Water Shutoff Ban

I’m Eileen Wray-McCann for Circle of Blue.  This is What’s Up with Water, your “need-to-know news” of the world’s water, made possible by support from people like you. In India, monsoon rains have brought drought relief to southern and eastern parts of the country. Accuweather reported that, although the seasonal storms have been unusually slow […]

North Carolina Community Struggles to Recover from Repeated Floods

A look at how a North Carolina community is struggling to recover from repeated floods.

What’s Up With Water – Microplastic Pollution in Rain

Somalia faces deepening drought. Villagers in Pakistan’s Thar Desert are being forced to abandon their homes and livelihoods as a fourth year of drought grips the region. Dangerous levels of antibiotics are inundating hundreds of rivers worldwide. Officials in Zacatecas, Mexico, offered to mediate a water-related dispute between a mining firm and villagers. Along several […]

Hepatitis A Resurges in the United States

This week’s edition takes a look at a resurgence of Hepatitis A in the United States.

What’s Up With Water – Only A Third Of The Planet’s Major Rivers Are Still Free-Flowing

In India, hundreds of thousands of people remain homeless in the state of Odisha after Cyclone Fani struck on May 3.  Fani is considered one of the worst storms to hit India in 20 years, and the relatively low death toll of 64 is attributed to improved preventive measures. More than a million people evacuated […]

What’s Up With Water – Jakarta, Indonesia’s Sinking Capital

What’s Up with Water, your “need-to-know news” of the world’s water. In India, officials credit early warning systems and swift evacuations for minimizing casualties when Cyclone Fani struck the eastern coast last week. The massive storm hit the state of Odisha, but fewer than 20 fatalities were reported, compared to thousands dead in a similar […]

What’s Up With Water – Nitrates in Private Wells

Mozambique has suffered two massive cyclones in five weeks, an unprecedented occurrence according to weather experts at the United Nations. An Amnesty International official told the BBC the cyclones were “exactly what climate scientists warned would happen if we continue to warm our planet beyond its limits.” The official stressed the injustice of Mozambique residents […]

U.S. Irrigation Moves East

Your “need to know” news of the world’s water from Circle of Blue, with headlines and this week’s feature: U.S. Irrigation moves east.