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The Stream, August 26: Coca Cola to Reach Its Water Replenishment Goal 5 Years Early

The Global Rundown Heavy rainfall has caused a large sewage spill on one of Hawaii’s most famous beaches. A new analysis predicts water stress by country in 2040. Coca Cola will meet its goal of replacing a large portion of the water it uses for production five years early. “All I can do is apologize to […]

The Stream, August 24: EPA Knew Gold King Mine Was a Blowout Risk

The Global Rundown Documents released by the United States Environmental Protection Agency show that they knew of the risk for a spill of contaminated waste water at the Gold King mine in Colorado. Investment in New Orleans‘ flood defenses has given residents the confidence to return and rebuild. Farmers in Northern California are forced to […]

The Stream, August 21: Study Links California Drought With Climate Change

The Global Rundown Frackers in Texas are turning to treated sewage as a way to supply water for their operations. A study has officially linked the California drought to climate change. The Navajo Nation has received water of questionable quality from the EPA. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I couldn’t believe the EPA’s […]

The Stream, August 19: Rainfall in the Andes Could Decrease 30 Percent by 2100

The Global Rundown Rainfall over the Andes in Bolivia and Peru could decrease dramatically in the next century. Water utilities in California are raising rates as the drought continues. Reporters at Wired have asked an age-old question about that glass of water next to the bed. “The persistence of this drought has begun to outstrip the tools […]

The Stream, August 17: New Mexico Rivers Reopen After Toxic Spill

The Global Rundown Olympic sailors in Rio de Janeiro are being extra careful not to contract waterborne diseases. A water-cleaning book has been successfully tested in South Africa, Ghana and Bangladesh. River stretches in New Mexico have been reopened for use after a toxic chemical spill earlier in the month. “We are taking appropriate supplements […]

The Stream, August 14: Animas Mine Waste Spill Has Likely Reached Lake Powell

The Global Rundown A plume of toxic mine waste spilled on the Animas River in Colorado last week has reached Lake Powell. A group of distillers are looking more closely at how water affects the taste of their spirits. The leading presidential candidate in Argentina has cut short a trip abroad after flooding in the […]

The Stream, August 7: One Million Gallons of Mine Waste Released Into Animas River in Colorado

The Global Rundown One million gallons of mine waste water have been accidentally released into a river in Colorado. Researchers in Canada have developed a device that rides on the back of a fish and measures water quality. Flooding in Myanmar has the president urging residents to evacuate. “Upon suspending work last year, the EPA […]

The Stream, July 31: California’s June Conservation Figures at 27 Percent

The Global Rundown California has beaten its statewide water conservation target for another month. None of the 2016 Olympic venues in Rio de Janeiro are safe for swimming or boating. Former executives of Tokyo Electric Power Company will face charges stemming from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. “We will be in their face…. We are […]

The Stream, July 24: Shell Given Permits to Drill for Oil in Arctic

The Global Rundown Shell has been given the yellow light for oil drilling beneath the Arctic Ocean. Sri Lanka will increase its rainfall storage capacity in the face of a changing climate. A brain-eating amoeba has again been detected in the water supply of a Louisiana community. “With rain patterns now coming in short and […]

The Stream, July 17: Study Links Fracking to Higher Rates of Hospitalization

The Global Rundown New research done in Pennsylvania shows increased rates of hospitalization for those living near fracking. Actor Tom Selleck will pay to settle a complaint that he had water illegally delivered to his home in California. The United States Interior Department has proposed a new set of restrictions on mining near surface waters. […]

Along Lake Superior Shore: Climate Change, CAFOs, and Camaraderie

Circle of Blue data reporter Kaye LaFond describes her experience as a fellow at the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources’ Lake Superior Institute.