How do we respond to a crisis that is so hard to see?

Participate in Circle of Blue’s Interactive broadcast from anywhere in the world. 

Polluted and depleted, many of the world’s aquifers are grievously wounded. Further deterioration puts economic and political stability and human health at risk, from India and Bangladesh to Michigan and California. Learn how scientists and activists are bringing these hidden crises to light and pressuring leaders to act. Participate in this interactive live broadcast from anywhere in the world.

On August 28, Circle of Blue continues the H2O Catalyst series live from World Water Week in Stockholm. This broadcast explores the world’s groundwater crises. Global experts and journalists will define and debate responses to pollution and scarcity challenges that are disrupting the lives of millions. Join global experts and journalists in virtual breakout groups to debate:

  • Current hotspots for groundwater pollution and scarcity
  • How to rally political and public support for action
  • Tools for understanding the dimensions of local and glocal groundwater challenges
  • Avenues for new research and collaboration

The H2O Catalyst interactive broadcast enables participants from all backgrounds to interact and share their voice with leaders in fields such as security, finance, research, and journalism, as they discuss the world’s water challenges. Catalyst’s unique broadcast interface allows people from anywhere in the world to participate in World Water Week via Circle of Blue’s online portal.

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