Study: Cutting Ogallala Water Use Now Will Benefit Kansas Later

Not all is gloom and doom for the famed underground water resource…

Water a Key Issue as Developing Countries Drive Growth in Global Food Production

Growing agricultural sectors pose problems for water management…

U.S. Drought’s Shifting Epicenter – It’s New Mexico’s Turn

Reservoirs are nearly empty, wells are being drilled deeper,…

Scarcity in a Time of Surplus: Free Water and Energy Cause Food Waste and Power Shortage in India

Farm policies intended to remove risk from the grain-producing economy have pulled India from the perennial fear of famine. But inefficient bureaucracy and rampant corruption also promote the squandering of resources and a glut of food that is not reaching the poor.
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Choke Point: India — The Leopard in the Well

Thanks in large part to the Green Revolution that catalyzed grain production in the mid-1960s, India ended the perennial fear of famine. But achieving food abundance has overwhelmed India's mammoth and unwieldy bureaucracy, drained its freshwater reserves, and strained the energy sector and electrical grid.

Global Grain Reserves Are Low; Legacy of U.S. Drought

Dwindling water supplies, low grain supplies, high prices for bread, meat, milk are outcomes of one of the worst droughts in the American history.
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With Locals at the Helm, Kansas Charts New Course for Groundwater Management

As they have been doing for decades, political leaders and water managers in Kansas are upending Western water law traditions that originated before the state was even part of the Union.
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Texas High Plains Prepare for Agriculture Without Irrigation

Southern farmers are making changes now to wean themselves from the Ogallala Aquifer, a water source that gave rise to industrial agriculture and modern life on its plains.
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Report: USDA Says Farmers Expected to Plant More Water-efficient Crops in 2013

Though corn acreage is forecasted to rise slightly over last year's planting, the biggest jump is predicted for sorghum, which uses less water.

Photo Slideshow: China’s Polluted Waters

Pollution is a major driver of water scarcity in China, especially in the places where economic growth is the highest and water resources are under the most stress — China’s dry northern breadbaskets and its biggest manufacturing hubs in the south and east.

Australia’s Water Markets Succeeding, Yet Severe Challenges Loom

Limited water supplies and competing agricultural, environmental, industrial, and municipal interests challenge Australia’s water-trading system.

Water Is Both Friend & Foe: Down on Wheat, Argentina and Brazil Look Forward to Record Corn Harvests

As drought-ravaged corn supplies wear thin in the United States, global commodity markets are counting on favorable weather — and a big corn crop — in South America.