Water-Stressed Beijing Exhausts Its Options

After depleting groundwater reserves, China's capital is becoming increasingly reliant on water pumped from the country's flood-prone South.

São Paulo Heading To Another Dry Spell

Three years after the megacity nearly ran out of water, signs of a new crisis emerge.

Booming Infrastructure Poisons Bangalore’s Lakes, Depletes Groundwater

Bangalore’s largest lake is so contaminated that it routinely…

Jakarta, the World’s Fastest-Sinking City, Also Faces Rising Sea Levels and River Pollution

Certain parts of the city have sunk 14 feet in recent decades, largely due to illegal well-digging.
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India’s Toxic Trail of Tears

An unending legacy of poisoning, pollution, and chemical pain.

Nonstick Chemicals Slipped Into Water, Causing Health, Environmental, Regulatory Mess

PFASs -- used in clothing, carpets, cookware, and more -- contaminate wells across the United States.

Map: U.S. Coal-Fired Power Plants Ranked By Water Pollution

Report identifies worst offenders by discharges of arsenic, lead, and mercury.

The Stream: Special Rio Edition

Super bacteria, green pools, and even a murder mystery splashed across headlines about water conditions in the Olympic host city.

Foul Water Conditions Found All Over the World

Rio waters are just most visible example of the planet’s polluted bays and rivers.

For Brazil, Rio Sewage is One of Many Water Challenges

Hydropower development, agricultural expansion, mining, and drought put growing pressure on Olympic host.

Drinking Water Warning Issued for Nonstick Chemical

Flint lead scandal a factor in stirring action for other contaminants. By…

Earth Day, At 47, Proves Value of Water and More

Ecological principles guide economic strategies to fit 21st-century conditions.