H2O Catalyst: Live Interactive Broadcast from World Water Week

From The Front Lines:
How Global Conflicts Are Changing Water’s Value

On August 29th, 2017 policymakers, security analysts, investors, educators, scholars, and students as well as leaders from companies and aid agencies took part in a timely interactive town hall about water and conflict.


J. Carl Ganter

J. Carl Ganter is co-founder and director of Circle of Blue, the internationally recognized center for original frontline reporting, research, and analysis on resource issues with a focus on the intersection between water, food, and energy. Carl — an award-winning photojournalist, reporter, and broadcaster — is recognized for developing the keen skills that helped to shape the multimedia journalism era. He received the Rockefeller Foundation’s Centennial Innovation Award (2012).

Corinne Graff

Corinne Graff is a senior policy scholar at the U.S. Institute of Peace, where her work focuses on promoting effective, whole-of-government approaches to mitigating state fragility and conflict risk in developing countries.

Sunya Orre

Sunya Orre is the Director at Kenya’s National Drought Management Authority. NDMA is an agency of the Government of Kenya mandated to establish mechanisms which ensure that drought does not result in emergencies and that the impacts of climate change are sufficiently mitigated.

Dr. Geoffrey D. Dabelko

Dr. Geoffrey D. Dabelko is a professor and director of the Environmental Studies Program at the George V. Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University in Athens, OH. He teaches and conducts research on natural resources, conflict, and peacebuilding; global environmental politics; climate change and security; and environmental leadership.

Roger-Mark De Souza

Roger-Mark De Souza is the director of population, environmental security, and resilience for the Wilson Center. He leads programs on climate change resilience, reproductive and maternal health, environmental security, and livelihoods, including the Global Sustainability and Resilience Program, Environmental Change and Security Program, and Maternal Health Initiative.

Ramon Scoble

Ramon Scoble is a hydrogeologist and environmental advisor to the management of Griffin Group in Yemen. His work there over the last two decades has ranged in scale from province-wide assessments of water resource availability down to village-level understanding of water use – the conflicts, the actors, the solutions.

Claudia Sadoff

Dr. Sadoff has three decades of diverse and distinguished experience as a global researcher and development practitioner. She has engaged with development experts and policy makers at the highest levels in dozens of countries, addressing a wide range of water development challenges, including climate adaptation, drought and flood response, and transboundary river basin management.

Anders Jägerskog

Dr. Jägerskog has worked extensively with Transboundary Waters and security issues in the Middle East and Africa for the past decade. He is frequently consulted in national and international media on issues relating to global water issues, especially the inter linkages between water, conflict and security issues in Southern Africa and MENA region.

Maitreyi Bordia Das

Maitreyi Bordia Das is the World Bank’s Global Lead for Social Inclusion.  Based in Washington DC, she works on issues of inequality and exclusion and on the design and implementation of social policy and programs

Brett Walton

Brett writes about agriculture, energy, infrastructure, and the politics and economics of water in the United States for Circle of Blue. Brett also writes the Federal Water Tap, Circle of Blue’s weekly digest of U.S. government water news. He is the winner of two Society of Environmental Journalists reporting awards, one of the top honors in American environmental journalism: first place for explanatory reporting for a series on septic system pollution in the United States (2016) and third place for beat reporting in a small market (2014).