More Lakefront Property Coming to Georgia

The state doles out the first tranche of loans for reservoir…

The Stream, July 25: An Atlas of World Water Risk

Business An 'new gold' for the 21st century, banking on scarcer…

The Stream, January 3: Quake Concerns Suspend Well Operations in Ohio

Ohio has suspended operations at five deep wells used to dispose…

The Stream, November 11: Keystone XL Decision Proposed

The Obama administration decided Thursday to study an alternate…
Susitna River approved for Dam

Alaska Governor Authorizes $4.5 Billion Dam Project

Throughout many parts of the United States, old dams are being removed. But in Alaska, the state legislature and the governor want to build what would be one of the nation’s tallest hydroelectric facilities. If built, the 200-meter dam on the Susitna River would be the nation’s fifth tallest.

Coal Conversion in the Rust Belt: Will It Be a Diamond for Small Ohio River Town?

An energy company has plans to withdraw water from the Ohio River, the potential site for a coal-to-liquid fuels conversion plant, which would be the first of its kind in the United States and the sixth in the world. Though it will bring jobs to the region, the proposal is facing strong opposition from environmental groups.

The Stream, July 26: Astronomers Find the Biggest Mass of Water in the Universe

Astronomers have discovered the largest and oldest reservoir…

Alaska Bulk Water Company Receives Export Contract Extension, Wants to Split with Partner

True Alaska Bottling sends a notice of dissolution to S2C Global, which rejects the disbanding of their joint bulk water export company.

Bulk Water Shipping Company Misses Deadline to Export From Alaska

The breach of contract will most likely result in a deadline extension, Sitka city officials say.

Bulk Water Company Plans to Export to India, East Asia and the Caribbean

‘Water has to come to the people,’ president of S2C Global tells Circle of Blue.

Bulk Water Companies Face Challenges Before Shipments Start From Alaska

Many companies have previously failed at bulk water shipments.

Alaska City Set to Ship Water to India, U.S. Company Announces

Within six to eight months, S2C Global Systems will ship water from Alaska to a hub in India.