The Stream, February 9: Is Shale Gas a 'Bridge Fuel'?

A new study into the carbon footprint of shale gas operations…

The Stream, January 27: Water Pollution Strikes Chinese River

Levels of cadmium, a carcinogen, measured 20 percent higher than…

Water Law: Public Trust May Be Fresh Approach to Protecting Great Lakes

Canadian and American advocates join to promote big oversight idea of the "commons."
Shiprock, New Mexico: The Navajo Nation — which spans a 70,000-square-kilometer stretch of mesa, sand, and canyons in parts of New Mexico, Utah, and northern Arizona — is the largest and, arguably, the driest American Indian reservation in the United States.

Racing an Arizona Senator’s Retirement, Dry Navajo Nation Draws Closer to Securing More Water

The largest reservation in the U.S. has one of the nation's highest poverty rates — more than 40 percent — and very little water infrastructure. Many residents pay nearly 50 times the municipal cost for water, which instead is delivered from a tank in the back of a truck, often resulting in water-borne intestinal illnesses.

Peter Gleick: Why Spend Public Money for Private Bottled Water?

When I go to water meetings, there are serious scientific discussions about climate impacts on water systems, international conflicts over water, water quality and contamination threats, new technologies and strategies for providing basic water and sanitation for the world's poor, and much more. But in the hallways between meetings and sessions, the real arguments are about the conflicts between public and private control and management of water.

Peter Gleick: Water Emergencies — Time for New Plans and Technology

The world faces a wide range of serious, complex, and long-term water challenges, from shortages to contamination to local and regional disputes over water to long-term climate changes. But there are other challenges that are short-term, emergency situations that could also be addressed by some new thinking and new technology.

The Stream, August 5: Food Aid for Africa

Support for farmers in Africa dried up long before Somalia's…

The Stream, July 11: Desperate Hunger Looms in the Horn of Africa

An unprecedented drought, instability and higher global food…

The Stream, June 13: Drought in England

England experienced its driest spring in a century last month,…
Peter Gleick

Peter Gleick: Where Have All Our Drinking Water Fountains Gone?

Where have all our drinking water fountains gone? They have been…

Bottling Wastewater Expands Island’s Oasis—Singapore’s NEWater Path to Independence

Singapore is first to bottle and sell wastewater for drinking.

Study: Unregulated Toxin Present in Tap Water of 31 U.S. Cities

California is the first state to consider a limit on the “Erin Brockovich” chemical, which has been found in 31 of 35 U.S. cities recently surveyed.