Workers walk through the mechanical room underneath the membrane filters.

U.S. Sewer Costs Increase 5.5 Percent in 2013, Industry Survey Reveals

Why? Old pipes, clean water regulations, and years of inadequate…

Ogallala Water Use Climbs as Drought Intensifies in the Southern Plains

Rainfall deficit is worse than the 1930s Dust Bowl. By…

Uttarakhand Flood Disaster Made Worse By Existing Hydropower Projects, Expert Commission Says

Report calls for new Himalayan development policy; stirs political battle in New Delhi.

Price of Water 2014: Up 6 Percent in 30 Major U.S. Cities; 33 Percent Rise Since 2010

Water scarcity and successful conservation programs force…

National Climate Assessment: Climate Change Pushing U.S. Toward Water Extremes

The Southwest is drying out, while the Northeast is becoming…

Following EPA Action, Rio Tinto Exits Alaska Pebble Mine Project

U.S. agency moves to restrict development in Bristol Bay watershed.…

Spending to Conserve Water on California Farms Will Not Increase Supply

Benefits go to agriculture, but won’t help cities.

California Drought Saps Water Reserves Above and Below Ground, Says Satellite Data

Snow is scarce, reservoirs are approaching bottom, and groundwater is being exhausted in the nation’s most populous state. More than a dozen communities face water shortages in the next 60 to 100 days, and there will be zero water deliveries from the state’s largest canal system this year.

Infographic: West Virginia Chemical Spill Spreads to Ohio River

Spill shut down drinking water for 300,000 people. Infographic…

Report: Australia’s Groundwater Is Worth Billions

A new study finds that Australia’s groundwater contributes more to GDP than some industries.

Ongoing Texas Drought Threatens Supply from Two Reservoirs on Colorado River

With the amount of reliable water in reservoirs shrinking, water…

Kansas and Army Corps Revive Study to Ship Water from Missouri River to Ogallala Aquifer

In addition to reducing demand from its key aquifer, Kansas wants to study the cost of importing water to the High Plains. But will this cause conflict with neighboring states that also use the river?