Asian Carp Swarm South of Chicago As Consensus on Permanent Solution Eludes Nation

New legislative proposal focuses on less expensive, short-term…

North American Fossil Fuel Boom Raises Risks From Expanding Oil and Gas Transport Network

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Michigan Aquaculture, an Infant Industry, Attracts Powerful Opposition

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U.S. Irrigation Pushed Eastward By Drought and Financial Risks

Irrigated agriculture’s march into Midwest and South could increase competition for water.

Report: U.S. EPA Has Chance to Vastly Reduce Water Pollution from Power Plants

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Music lovers congregate at Hart Plaza Fountain in downtown Detroit during the Movement Electronic MusMusic lovers congregate at Hart Plaza Fountain in downtown Detroit during the Movement Electronic Music Festival in May 2012.ic Festival in May 2012.

What an Emergency Manager Might Mean for Detroit’s Water Utility

There are many questions and few conclusions right now about…

Great Lakes Map Shows Greatest Ecosystem Stress in Lakes Erie and Ontario

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Contaminated U.S. Groundwater Sites Will Cost $110 Billion to Clean, Report Says

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No Clear Path for Energy Policy in Great Lakes States

Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania governments struggle with climate change, budgets, and changing markets.

Meddling With the Environment Puts Rio Tinto on Mock Olympic Podium

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Michigan Senator Carl Levin Recognizes J. Carl Ganter for Rockefeller Innovation Award

On Tuesday, July 10, 2012, Michigan Senator Carl Levin recognized…

Global Gold Rush: The Price of Mining Pursuits On The Water Supply

Water supplies remain key to the global boom in gold mining, driven by high demand and near-record prices.