Feds Pledge $47 Million To Asian Carp Fight; States Appeal Court Loss

Last week, the Obama Administration announced an updated plan, which included additional research but not closing the Chicago locks.

Asian Carp -- On the Docket in D.C. and Chicago; On the Menu in Michigan

Federal judge rejects Asian carp injunction as Congress passes a ban on their import.

Asian Carp Case Goes to Court as Foundation Pledges $500,000 to Protect the Great Lakes

Invasive Asian carp make a surprise appearance on the Missouri River.

Photo Slideshow: A Desperate Clinch — Coal Production Across America

A look at the places and faces affected by coal production in the United States.

Clean Water Act Proposal Would Strengthen Federal Protection

Opponents call the proposal a federal power grab, while the bill's author says it would restore the original intent of the landmark water legislation.

Congress, Michigan Legislature Asked to Fix Leaks in Great Lakes Compact

It’s been more than a year since eight states agreed to prevent large-scale diversions from the Great Lakes, the most abundant source of clean freshwater on the planet. The passage of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact, completed after ten years of campaigning by public interest organizations, legislative leaders, and governors of both parties, was meant to permanently secure the globally significant storehouse of water contained in the Great Lakes.

Students Compete for Best Fount of Knowledge

At St. Mary's University in Minnesota, a sip from the campus…

Minnesota Worries Fighting Flames Poisons Water

Tests begin next month to determine whether a foam firefighters…

Shipping Group Sings Ballast Water Blues, Regulations Remain

DULUTH, Minnesota -- Zebra Mussels traveling into the Great…

Minnesota voters pledge $5.5 billion to protect lands and waterways

SAINT PAUL -- Passing the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment…