UN Claims of Greater Access to Drinking Water Are ‘Baloney,’ Water Expert Says

Water quality is a serious problem that is not properly acknowledged, says top water expert and adviser Asit Biswas.

Standing in a Really Long Line: Toilet Queue Serves Indian Village Effort to Promote Sanitation Awareness

The Janadesar village in the arid Marwar Region of India teamed up with the Jal Bahagirathi Foundation on World Toilet Day

Drinking Water Access on Target for Millennium Development Goals, while Sanitation Falls Short, Report Says

World Health Organization and UNICEF has found that the world is on track to surpass the Millennium Development Goal for drinking water access, but will fall short by one billion people for sanitation if current trends continue.

A Reader’s Insight: Tapping Into Young Americans to Stop the Water Crisis

Over the past two decades, the global economy has witnessed extraordinary, previously unimaginable technological advances and scientific feats. Money and complicated business propositions change hands virtually. Meanwhile medical science defies death and disease on a daily basis, as the worldwide web enables instant communication across oceans. Despite these tremendous advancements in life and technology, the greatest issue we face is our depleting water supply.

Climate Change Is Water Change — Water Experts React to Barcelona Negotiations

Climate Change Is Water ChangeWater experts have convened in Barcelona to ensure water management strategies are integrated into global climate change negotiations – so far their efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

Minnesota Worries Fighting Flames Poisons Water

Tests begin next month to determine whether a foam firefighters…

Arsenic levels in drinking water increase risk of diabetes

WASHINGTON - Millions of people across the U.S. may be drinking…