Mongolia Slideshow

Energy Economy Brings Change to Shepherd Life: Modernization Comes to the Dry Grasslands of Inner Mongolia

Along the vast frozen grasslands, 23-year-old Wu Yun and her father, Bao Zhu, tend their flock of sheep and cattle. Just over the ridge, the northern city of Xilinhot is booming as the coal industry continues to expand. But it will take a lot of water to feed both the city and the mining.

The Stream, April 7: America’s Abandoned Gas and Oil Wells

Foreign Affairs analyzes why food subsidies have prevented and…

Bottling Wastewater Expands Island’s Oasis—Singapore’s NEWater Path to Independence

Singapore is first to bottle and sell wastewater for drinking.

UK Water Company Turns Fecal Waste into Energy, Saves Money

Human waste is a cheap energy source for Thames Water, which is in a price dispute with the UK’s water regulator. Thames Water, the largest water provider in the United Kingdom, saved £15 million (US$25 million) last year by using human feces as a source of renewable energy.

Tribes Lose Snowmaking Battle

snowmachine The religious objections of Indian tribes are not sufficient enough to stop a ski resort from using reclaimed sewage water.

Detroit’s Head Almost Above Water (and Sewer)

A troubled metropolitan water and sewer department that serves…

Waste not, want not: Orange County sewage undergoes alchemy

Featured in the New York Times a new sewage treatment plant…

Texas residents still lack water as EPA grant expires, unspent

SANTA ROSA, Texas - A recent EPA audit revealed that a $4 million…

Sewage on tap in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya - More than 100,000 Nairobi residents could be…