Report: Lima Citizens Shoulder the Financial Burden of Water Insecurity

In Peru’s capital city, vulnerable communities pay a premium for water as poor infrastructure, population growth, and climate change pressure supplies.

Surviving the Nepal Earthquake

Circle of Blue intern Crystal Edmunds recounts her first-hand experience of the Gorkha earthquake and raises questions about what it means for water.
j. carl ganter circle of blue stokholm world water week

WASH: Talking the Water, Sanitation, and Health Dilemma at World Water Week

Circle of Blue director J. Carl Ganter reports from World Water Week in Stockholm.

U.S. Foreign Aid Agency’s New Water Strategy Targets Health and Food

The U.S. Agency for International Development last week unveiled…

Ned Breslin: An Inside Look at Water for People’s ‘Everyone Forever’ Initiative

For World Water Day 2013, Skoll World Forum and Circle of Blue asked four of the world’s leading water experts to weigh in. Here is what Ned Breslin, CEO of Water For People, had to say about what WASH nonprofits can do to reach full coverage.

Peter Gleick: Accuracy, Precision, and Significance — The Misery of Cholera

We’re bombarded with numbers every day. But seeing a number and understanding it are two different things.

Peter Thum

Wine turned Peter Thum to water. While working on a project in…

The Stream, September 18: Water-Energy Nexus and WASH for Children

Oil and Water Ahead of the worldwide Global Frackdown planned…

The Stream, August 23: The Struggle for Safe Drinking Water

This photo slideshow demonstrates the effects of coal extraction…

Brian McSorley

Brian McSorley, Oxfam’s humanitarian coordinator, promotes…

Ned Breslin: Shifting Gears — Promoting Potential, Not Poverty, Is Positive Pledge for World Water Day

We need a mind shift this World Water Day; a transformation in how we think about and the approach we take to getting the message out to the world about water on this one day. And the shift is long overdue.

Infographic: WASH and Urbanization — Providing Sanitation and Water Services by Country

Entry in the 2011 Urban Water Design Challenge, sponsored by and Circle of Blue.