The Stream, July 29: U.S. Cities To Face More Weather Extremes

A new National Resources Defense Council report concludes that…
Infographic: Map of Pollution Levels in China

Infographic: Map of Pollution Levels in China’s Major River Basins

The seven major river basins, as a whole, have had steady improvements in water quality over the past decade.

China’s Other Looming Choke Point: Food Production

The Yellow River Basin is the center of a contest over water, energy, and agriculture.



A Dry and Anxious North Awaits China’s Giant, Unproven Water Transport Scheme

Authorities anticipate approval for new western line to tap energy reserves. Sparks and the blue flare of arc welders, like hot stars in the night sky, illuminate the interior of a massive water tunnel that crosses underneath the Yellow River.

World’s Largest Rivers Are Losing Water, New Study Says

One-third of the 925 rivers analyzed from 1948 to 2004 have showed “significant changes” in water levels.

New Report: Turbid Water Stirs Up Future of Insecurity for Asia

Asia faces unprecedented water challenges, experts say, but solutions are within reach.

Toxic Yellow River Intensifies ‘China’s Sorrow’

BEIJING -- One third of China's Yellow River is now poisonous…