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Infographic: All the Water in the World – Circles of Blue

A diagram, by Circle of Blue, illustrating just how little freshwater the world has to work with. If all the world’s water were to fit inside 100 glasses, the supply available to humanity would not fill three quarters of one glass.

  1. […] …all the water in the world, WaterNews presents us with an impressive map […]

  2. i just need facts & figure of water, fresh water, waste of water etc if possible world wide.

  3. […] Published June 11, 2008 awareness Tags: Crisis, diagram, water Here is a great graph from Circle of Blue that highlights Elyse’s earlier post on the minimal amounts of fresh water left on the […]

  4. I love this diagram – it’s so clear and really highlights how precious water is. This whole website and information is a fantastic resource.

    I just wrote a blog about using greywater in an effort to conserve water. You can check it out at

    I want to do what I can to help promote the conservation of our most precious resource.



  5. This really highlights the potential usefulness of research into better desalinization techniques.

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