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Water Talk: Wastewater Recycling

Usually I ask the questions, but yesterday the tables–or microphones in this case–were turned.

Yesterday morning I was a guest on the Sharon Kleyne Hour on World Talk Radio, a syndicated program broadcasting from southern Oregon.

Sharon and I discussed wastewater recycling in Singapore and elsewhere, water pollution in China, glacial lakes in the Himalayas, and a few other topics. As I found out, you can cover a lot of ground in an hour.

You can listen to the program via this link.

Brett Walton
Circle of Blue reporter

Author: Brett Walton  is a Seattle-based reporter for Circle of Blue. He writes our Federal Water Tap, a weekly breakdown of U.S. policy. Interests: Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Pricing, Infrastructure.

Email: Brett Walton  :: Follow on Twitter :: More Articles

1 Comment
  1. Have been reading on waste water. Much talk no action. The waste water is not waste water. The water is fine, it just has unwanted material in it. Who is doing what to remove this material? eg. We could use concentrated sun light to steriilize or distill this waste water. If a counterflow system is used, it would cut the cost of the equiptment 80%.

    Look at the interstate and see the heat energy lost. Could we put something on the exhaust pipe that could distill water as it goes down the road?

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