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Water Shutoffs Are Suspended, But the Bills Will Still Be Due

Many utilities will not disconnect water during the coronavirus emergency. But residents are still required to pay their bills when it’s over.

Covid-19 Crisis Could Decimate Water Utility Revenue, Worsen Affordability Problems

The shutdown due to Covid-19 will have immediate and potentially long-lasting consequences for America’s water utilities and the people they serve.

Federal Water Tap, April 6: Pelosi Says Water a Key Part of Next Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

The Rundown House leadership elevates water infrastructure for the next stimulus bill. EPA Inspector General finds a large decline in agency inspections and enforcement actions since 2007. The Army Corps evaluates the spread of invasive zebra mussels in its districts. NASA develops groundwater and soil moisture forecasts. USDA allows delayed payments for rural water infrastructure […]

Virus Hunters Find Coronavirus Clues in Sewage

Wastewater analysis could provide an early warning of the spread of the new coronavirus.

Federal Water Tap, March 30: EPA Suspends Enforcement of Some Environmental Rules

The Rundown Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the EPA says it will be flexible with industries on monitoring and reporting requirements. Federal agencies are cancelling or postponing public meetings because of the Covid-19 outbreak. EPA announces the dates for its annual drinking water workshop. And lastly, Congress heads home after passing a huge coronavirus relief […]

Volunteer Network Rescues Small Alabama Water System with Operator under Quarantine

Water utilities are concerned that the new coronavirus will lead to staffing shortages.

Water Utilities’ Biggest Coronavirus Concern Is Staffing

As the coronavirus spreads across the country, water utility leaders say that potential staffing shortages due to illness and quarantine are their biggest current concern in the Covid-19 pandemic.

$1.5 Billion for Water-Bill Assistance Inserted in House Democrats’ Coronavirus Aid Package

The latest version of the House Democrats’ coronavirus emergency aid package includes $1.5 billion to help Americans pay their water bills during the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

Federal Water Tap, March 23: Defense Department Investigates Hundreds More Military Sites for Possible PFAS Contamination

The Rundown The cost and scope of the Defense Department’s PFAS contamination expands. A Florida representative proposes a tax on pumping groundwater and spring water for bottled drinking water. NOAA forecasters say that 23 states have an elevated flood risk this spring. And lastly, the Army Corps, at President Trump’s request, withdraws a water supply […]

‘This Is the Time to Act Collectively’: Anticipating Coronavirus Spread, Groups Seek to Scale Up Handwashing and Hygiene Efforts

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, handwashing and hygiene are swelling in urgency and support, even though the message being delivered is not new.

Healthcare Facilities in Developing Countries a High Risk for Coronavirus Transmission

Few healthcare facilities in developing countries have complete water, sanitary, and hygienic services. They are vulnerable to Covid-19 transmission, health experts say.

Federal Water Tap, March 16: Senate Democrats Propose $20 Billion to Respond to PFAS Contamination of Drinking Water and Groundwater

The Rundown Democrats introduce a bill to aid utilities with the cost of removing PFAS chemicals from drinking water. Democrats also call on utilities not to shut off water service to customers during the coronavirus outbreak. The House Natural Resources Committee advances four water bills. The GAO investigates abandoned hardrock mines. Federal agencies will host […]