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Federal Water Tap, September 18: Survey Data Shows Households Behind on Water Bills

The Rundown Interagency working group recommends changes to federal mining laws. EPA drinking water infrastructure report to Congress includes new data on lead service lines. CDC researchers use wastewater to track influenza and RSV. NOAA expects El Niño to extend at least through March 2024. Senate hearings this week on drought and water, and tribal […]

Federal Water Tap, September 11: EPA Slow to Intervene When Lead Found In Michigan City’s Drinking Water, Watchdog Says

The Rundown The EPA’s internal watchdog assesses the agency’s response to high lead levels in a Michigan city’s drinking water. NOAA scientists review last year’s changes in the planet’s climate systems. The U.S. Geological Survey outlines a research program for freshwater mussels in the U.S. EPA tentatively agrees on a timeline for regulating water pollution […]

Chicago Suburbs, Running Out of Water, Will Tap Lake Michigan

America’s groundwater is now running dry where water is abundant.

Federal Water Tap, September 5: EPA Reduces Wetlands Protections in Accordance with Supreme Court Decision

The Rundown EPA and Army Corps revise the protected wetlands definition to align with the U.S. Supreme Court’s Sackett decision. White House advisory group recommends a federal Department of Water. EPA approves an on-site wastewater treatment facility for the East Palestine train derailment cleanup. Federal transportation regulator considers defining when pipeline accidents cause “significant injury […]

Federal Water Tap, August 28: NOAA Updates High Tide Flood Forecast Tool

The Rundown The Department of Energy funds research for using oilfield wastewater to produce hydrogen. The EPA Office of the Inspector General says the agency needs clearer guidance on calculating cumulative impacts of pollution. When Congress returns next month, the farm bill will be top of the agenda. A bill in Congress would reform a […]

‘Water Is Us’: New Book Offers Blueprint for Sustainable Water Future

The Three Ages of Water looks back at history to write a prescription for tomorrow.

The Water Transition: A Conversation with Author Peter Gleick

Discussing the past and future of water.

Federal Water Tap, August 21: Smaller Colorado River Cuts in 2024 Operating Plan

The Rundown Thanks to a wet winter, Colorado River states, for now, see smaller cuts to water allocations. The first batch of EPA-mandated utility testing data shows the breadth of PFAS in drinking water. EPA denies a petition to strengthen water pollution requirements for large animal feeding operations. EPA adds PFAS and coal ash as […]

Federal Water Tap, August 14: EPA Investigates Civil Rights Complaint Against California Water Board

The Rundown EPA investigates alleged discrimination by California’s top water regulator. The EPA has until August 15 to respond to a lawsuit to strengthen water pollution standards for large-scale animal feedlots. The White House designates more than 917,000 acres near the Grand Canyon as a national monument. DOE to develop a “gold star” rating program […]

Federal Water Tap, August 7: Agencies to Assess Value of Nature

The Rundown The Biden administration proposes guidelines for valuing ecosystems in cost-benefit analyses. The administration also releases key themes for the upcoming National Nature Assessment. A federal advisory council adopts a policy on preserving historic sites vulnerable to a changing climate. The Justice Department proposes standards for web content accessibility that would affect municipal utilities. […]

Federal Water Tap, July 31: Army Corps Dredges Upper Mississippi as River Levels Drop

The Rundown Army Corps dredges river channels as drought again depletes the Mississippi River. Senate committee passes budget bills that maintain water infrastructure spending levels. Lake Erie harmful algal bloom forecast worsens. Army Corps says it needs $3 billion more to complete levee system west of New Orleans and it lowers the risk rating for […]

The Stream, July 26, 2023: In Drought-Stricken Spain, Farmers Restore Ancient Irrigation Canals

Thousand year-old irrigation systems are being excavated and restored in Spain amid extreme heat and water insecurity crises.