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FRESH, November 8, 2022: Ontario Government Proposes Less Strict Wetlands Protections

The conservative government in Ontario is pushing for changes to the province’s wetlands policy that would loosen protections for “provincially significant wetlands.”

November 7: Supreme Court Takes Up Navajo Nation’s Claim to Colorado River

The Rundown The Supreme Court takes up a case regarding the Navajo Nation’s rights to the Colorado River. The EPA publishes a new list of unregulated drinking water contaminants that could be regulated in the future. EPA drinking water advisers will meet at the end of November. USGS researchers investigate contaminants in groundwater used for […]

Slow to Start, Federal Water Bill Assistance Program Ramps Up

New program encounters many hurdles.

The Stream, November 2, 2022: Russian Airstrikes Damage Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine, Cutting Off Water

Russian airstrikes hit energy facilities in Ukraine earlier this week, cutting off water to most people in Kyiv.

Federal Water Tap, October 31: Reclamation to Chart Course for Limiting Future Colorado River Releases

The Rundown The Bureau of Reclamation begins paperwork to would allow for less water to be released from lakes Mead and Powell. The EPA publishes a plan for improving sewage lagoons. Government, state, and industry officials discuss low Mississippi River water levels. And lastly, Senate Democrats ask the EPA to adopt a “strong” Lead and […]

The Stream, October 26, 2022: Multiple Cholera Outbreaks Overwhelm Global Vaccine Supply

Multiple cholera outbreaks in countries like Haiti, Malawi, and Syria are challenging global health agencies.

2022 Election: Water Regulation and Spending Punctuate State and Local Ballots

Groundwater regulation, legal rights to clean water, and spending measures highlight this election cycle.

FRESH, October 25, 2022: New York Governor Must Decide Fate of Partial Crypto-Mining Moratorium

The future of the cryptocurrency industry is at stake in New York as the governor considers a moratorium on certain forms of crypto-mining.

Federal Water Tap, October 24: EPA Reviews Drinking Water Contaminant for Human Health Impacts

The Rundown A draft EPA report indicates that the drinking water contaminant hexavalent chromium can cause cancer when ingested. The GAO recommends the EPA collect national data on the demographics of areas with PFAS in drinking water. The EPA funds a wastewater monitoring research projects intended to prepare for future pandemics. The Treasury Department charters […]

The Stream, October 19, 2022: California City Approaches Water Supply Peril in Next Two Months

The destruction from Hurricane Ian may push the price of home insurance – and thus homeownership – out of reach for many in Florida.

Federal Water Tap, October 17: Interior Department Sets Price for Colorado River Conservation

The Rundown Interior names its price for water conservation in the lower Colorado River basin that will keep water in Lake Mead. The EPA submits draft PFAS drinking water regulations for review. Researchers test homes around California’s Clear Lake for cyanotoxins from harmful algal blooms. An EPA research office examines better approaches to measuring cumulative […]

Voices from the Drying Rio Grande

One of the West’s iconic waterways, the Rio Grande is under assault from a warming climate.