The President and Congress Deliver $11 Billion for Abandoned Mine Cleanups

Midwest is the target of more dollars to secure water and revive former energy strongholds.

When It Rains, Texas Forgets Drought and Worsening Water Scarcity

In Texas, dry years reveal a momentous confrontation as residents encounter the menacing consequence of runaway growth.

Lake Victoria’s surging water levels threaten hydro dams: Uganda

Lake Victoria's water levels have surged to their highest level in more than half a century after about eight months of relentless downpours, posing a threat to Uganda's hydropower plants.

Molybdenum Ore Spill Is China’s Biggest Tailings Leak in Nearly 20 Years

A spillage of waste molybdenum ore in northeast China last month was the biggest tailings leak the country witnessed in almost 20 years and needed the toughest environmental emergency response, the environment ministry said on Monday.

West Virginia Bets Big on Plastics, and on Backing of Trump Administration

The state’s leaders want a federal loan guarantee to build a giant chemical storage plant that could cost as much as $10 billion.

EPA Considers Options for Reuse and Discharge of Oil and Gas Wastewater

U.S. oil and gas companies are setting production records, while also pumping up enormous volumes of salty, chemical-laden water. The question now: What to do with the noxious water?

Energy Companies Eye Big Oil and Gas Expansion in Wyoming

Will the fracking boom echo in America’s leading coal state?

Permian Oil Boom Uncorks Multibillion-Dollar Water Play

Producing oil produces even more water. Getting rid of it is a large and expanding business.

America’s Oil Boom Can Not Happen Without Groundwater

Risks are substantial in New Mexico’s Permian Basin.

One By One Big Hydropower Dams Disrupt Mekong River’s Free Flow

In unfolding global energy revolution, expensive and ecologically risky dams may not be right choice to generate more electricity.
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