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The Stream, September 20: Energy Producers Neglect Water’s Value

U.S. power producers are not calculating the cost of scarce water resources in coal, nuclear, natural gas and biomass energy production. That was the central finding in a study from The Civil Society Institute and the Environmental Working Group, reported in Bloomberg News.

Water in a Changing Climate

Pleasure boats and commercial ships in the Great Lakes face a higher risk of running aground as water levels remain at record lows. Lower water levels mean less drafting room for ships, and therefore less carrying capacity, the Toronto Star reported, disrupting economic activity in the region.

Read Circle of Blue‘s comprehensive report on the Great Lakes and climate change here.

As record-setting ice melt opens up Arctic waterways, countries are staking their claims for political influence and newly accessible natural resources in the region. China, a major world power with no Arctic territory, has wielded its wealth and diplomatic cloud most aggressively, The New York Times reported.

A World Bank report analyzed how Mongolians adapted to a severe winter storm in 2010 that killed 20% of the country’s livestock. The region provides a window into communities building resilience to climate-related risks.

Turning a Blind Eye in Georgia

Georgia has spent more years in drought than in normal conditions since 1999, The Los Angeles Times reported, but its people are still divided about the drought’s existence. Some residents and policymakers, especially in the business community, deny any current water problems, despite Federal maps showing pervasive drought conditions and a $US 300 million investment in new Atlanta reservoirs.

Read a story from Circle of Blue tracking Georgia’s water-policy adaptations to the recent drought.

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Author: Andrew Maddocks   is a Washington, D.C–based correspondent for Circle of Blue. He graduated from DePauw University as a Media Fellow with a B.A. in Conflict Studies. He co-writes The Stream, a daily summary of global water news.

Email: Andrew Maddocks  :: Follow on Twitter :: More Articles

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