Water Could Make Michigan a Climate Refuge. Are We Prepared?

What may it take to prepare the Great Lakes region for the future climatologists say we can expect?

Michigan Governor Whitmer Orders Enbridge Line 5 Shutdown, Citing Easement Violations

Following a review that found the Line 5 pipeline is putting the Great Lakes at risk, Michigan ordered Enbridge Energy to shut down the pipeline by May.

C+: Western Lake Erie receives mediocre score on new report card

This article appears as part of the Great Lakes News Collaborative.…

Here’s what Gretchen Whitmer’s new PFAS water rules mean for Michigan

  Michigan has taken a major step toward regulating dangerous…

Michigan's Groundwater Emergency

Groundwater in Michigan is “compromised and deteriorated.”

Michigan PFAS by the numbers: How much is unsafe?

Confusion runs rampant about PFAS dangers. The federal government and states can’t agree on how much is unsafe for states. Here’s a primer on what’s known so far.

Great Lakes Region Pivots From Fossil Fuels

In shift from coal and oil, water use and quality hang in the balance.

Small Lake Erie Algae Bloom Predicted, But Work Isn’t Done

Researchers hone plans to cut phosphorus and mitigate future blooms.

Congress Strengthens Great Lakes Oil Pipeline Oversight

Pipeline safety bill includes three provisions directed at Line…

Waukesha Great Lakes Diversion Approved

Governors vote to allow Wisconsin city to use Lake Michigan water in first exception to binational agreement.

Waukesha Awaits Great Lakes Water Diversion Decision

Approval of Wisconsin city’s request for Lake Michigan water is first test of bi-national agreement.

Waukesha Another Step Closer To Great Lakes Water

A regional committee found that the city meets the requirements for an out-of-basin diversion, with conditions.