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Infographic: Drought Slashes 2012 U.S. Corn Crop

Much goes into producing a corn crop and much comes out.

High temperatures and a lack of rain are withering corn in the Midwest, the breadbasket of the United States. Dry conditions are expected to persist until early fall. The USDA recently cut its estimate for corn production by 12 percent — this after a record harvest was forecasted earlier in the year from the largest corn planting since 1937.

U.S. Drought 2012 Corn Crop industry agriculture midwest breadbasket infographic design data timeline history
Infographic © Amanda Northrop / Circle of Blue
Infographic with a timeline of major drought-related events for the U.S. corn industry, as well as the expected weather-related consequences on the 2012 corn crop. Click the image to enlarge.

Amanda Northrop is an undergraduate student at Grand Valley State University and a Traverse City-based design intern for Circle of Blue. Research for this graphic was contributed by Codi Yeager, a Circle of Blue reporter, Aubrey Blanche, an editorial intern, and Samuel Kosinski, a data intern. Reach them at,,, and, respectively.

  1. […] year could surge by as much as 4.5%, the USDA eported. Check out the Infographic below created by Circle of Blue to get a better understanding as to why the drought will have such a negative affect on food prices. […]

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