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The Stream, July 1: Colombia Struggles to Clean Up Rivers After Oil Pipeline Bombing

The Global Rundown Colombia is struggling to contain an oil spill and safeguard water supplies after rebel forces attacked an oil pipeline last week. Researchers tracked the virtual destinations of groundwater used to grow food in the United States. Perth, Australia, will begin pumping larger quantities of groundwater to supplement its water supply. In India, […]

The Stream, June 26: Lake Mead Water Level Reaches Record Low

The Global Rundown A massive heat wave in water-starved southwest Pakistan has killed hundreds of people and threatens thousands more. Meanwhile, in Nevada, the Lake Mead reservoir reached record low levels, and the Western Governors’ Drought Forum released a roadmap for further drought action. A binational committee proposed new targets for phosphorus reduction in Lake […]

The Stream, June 25: Water Plan Needed for Australia’s Outback, Researcher Says

The Global Rundown In Australia, researchers are calling for a water conservation plan in the Outback, where hydraulic fracturing will begin in the coming years. The second most water-stressed state in Mexico is pursuing shale oil development, despite already scarce water resources. A copper and nickel mine in Minnesota is one step closer to creation […]

The Stream, June 19: Pope Warns of Water Troubles Seen Around the World

The Global Rundown Water played a large role in the Vatican’s encyclical about climate change, in which the Pope warned against the control of water by corporations and businesses, as well as the hazards of water contamination. The Vatican’s fears are being realized around the world, as Colombia faces a water shortage due to drought […]