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The Stream, July 9: Predicting Sea Level Rise By Studying Subglacial Water

Sea Level Rise
Scientists are studying the subglacial water system under the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica in the hopes of more accurately predicting sea level rise, Science Daily reported. The water underneath the glacier forms a swamp-like network of canals, researchers found.

Irrigation Innovation
A new form of underground irrigation being tested in China could be twice as efficient as current methods, PRI’s The World reported. The system uses the capillary force of plants’ roots to draw water out of a buried network of pipes.

A different kind of urinal that is combined with a sink could help conserve water, NPR reported. The water that patrons use to wash their hands is also used to flush.

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Author: Codi Yeager-Kozacek  is a news correspondent for Circle of Blue based out of Hawaii. She co-writes The Stream, Circle of Blue’s daily digest of international water news trends. Her interests include food security, ecology and the Great Lakes.

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