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The Stream, August 3: Uneven India Monsoon Brings Droughts and Floods

The Global Rundown Levels of monsoon rainfall have ranged widely across India this season, causing droughts in some regions and floods in others. New research suggests that dangerous heat waves, made worse by the humidity from monsoon rains, could afflict three-quarters of the South Asia population by the end of the century. Nearly half of […]

The Stream, July 28: Netherlands Looks To Wastewater For Novel Products

The Global Rundown A pilot project will harvest cellulose from wastewater in the Netherlands, turning it into building materials. Officials in India’s Assam state are proposing to build a highway along the Brahmaputra River to control flooding. Forecasters expect the monsoon, which has brought widespread flooding to northern India, will weaken slightly next month. Actions […]

The Stream, July 25: Investigation Questions Australia’s Implementation, Commitment to Murray-Darling Basin Plan

The Global Rundown An investigative report has raised flags about Australia’s efforts to restore the Murray-Darling River Basin. New climate modeling suggests Australia will likely see more intense droughts linked to extreme El Nino events, even if global warming is curbed. Monsoon rains caused flooding that displaced thousands of people in Myanmar, while rains in […]

The Stream, July 24: Drought May Force Rome To Ration Water

The Global Rundown Rome may begin rationing water as early as Wednesday amid a severe drought. Rising sea levels in Florida could displace more than a million people by the end of the century, scientists found. Flooding in Japan forced thousands of people to evacuate over the weekend. Saudi Arabia may be preparing to sell […]

The Stream, July 21: Mexico Tests Insurance For Environmental Resources

The Global Rundown An insurance scheme to protect coral reefs in Mexico could become a new model for preserving natural resources around the world. Researchers in Australia warn that changing storm patterns due to climate change will increase the risk of coastal flooding and damage. Argentina has started work on a major infrastructure project to […]