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The Stream, June 30: Farmers Oppose Major Australia Coal Mine Over Water Concerns

The Global Rundown Thousands of Australian farmers came out against the Carmichael coal mine in Queensland, citing groundwater concerns. Michigan’s attorney general called on the state to set a timeline for closing the Line 5 oil pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac, and the state released a draft report that reviews alternatives to the pipeline. […]

The Stream, June 29: State of Michigan Sues Flint Over Water Deal

The Global Rundown The city of Flint, Michigan faces a lawsuit from the state after it refused to approve a 30-year contract with a regional water supplier. Global climate leaders warn the world has three years until the worst effects of climate change become unavoidable. Pakistanis observing Ramadan this month had to contend with water […]

The Stream, June 28: Floods and Droughts Threaten Global Food Trade Routes

The Global Rundown Major shipping routes that carry much of the world’s food are at increasing risk from droughts, floods, and other climate-related shocks, a new report says. The construction of residential homes in wetland areas near Zimbabwe’s capital is reducing water supplies. The number of cholera cases in Yemen may have reached a halfway […]

The Stream, June 27: Dry Reservoirs Create Water Shortages In Chennai, India

The Global Rundown The city of Chennai, India is facing an acute drinking water shortage after a severe drought dried up the city’s main reservoirs. The controversial delta tunnel water project in California gained two key federal approvals. The rate of global sea level rise is increasing, scientists found. The world’s lakes, rivers, and wetlands […]

The Stream, June 26: Invasive Asian Carp Found Near Lake Michigan

The Global Rundown An adult Asian carp was found near Lake Michigan, past the barriers meant to keep the invasive fish out of the Great Lakes. Scientists in Australia warn that the Murray-Darling Basin Plan needs to set aside more water for the environment. If low-rainfall conditions continue in England, data suggest that nearly a […]

The Stream, June 23: Water Sale Could Ease Pressure In Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin

The Global Rundown The Australian government is buying thousands of megaliters of water entitlements from a cotton farm in the Murray-Darling River Basin. A top United Nations official has blamed the conflict in Yemen for the country’s rapidly spreading cholera outbreak. A major natural gas pipeline in Ohio could be delayed due to drilling fluid […]

The Stream, June 22: Sediment Released By Dam Removals Revives Coastal Areas

The Global Rundown A growing global movement to remove dams is helping to revive coastal areas long deprived of sediment. As California’s Salton Sea shrinks and restoration efforts face funding shortfalls, an asthma crisis is worsening. Glaciers at the headwaters of the Brahmaputra river are losing less ice each year than previously thought. In Bolivia, […]

The Stream, June 21: Refugees in Uganda Lack Adequate Water, Aid Group Says

The Global Rundown Poor water and sanitation conditions could contribute to a medical emergency at refugee camps in Uganda, according to Médecins Sans Frontières. Activist groups are calling on federal agencies to speed up studies of flood protection measures for New York City. A heat wave in London has caused a spike in water demand, […]

The Stream, June 20: UN Calls For Safe Water In Yemen

The Global Rundown A report by the United Nations urges the international community to address unsafe water in Yemen, which is fueling a deadly cholera outbreak. Hydropower along the Teesta river may be exacerbating dry-season water shortages, complicating negotiations between India and Bangladesh. Protests over access to grazing land and fresh water led to the […]

The Stream, June 19: Africa Leaders Urge Action On Desertification To Prevent Migration, Radicalization

The Global Rundown Leaders in Africa say more must be done to fight desertification, improve agricultural opportunities, and create green jobs to prevent the continent’s youth from migrating or becoming radicalized. Flint, Michigan must approve a new long-term contract for its drinking water supply by the end of the month or face legal action, according […]

The Stream, June 16: Lima, Peru Outlines Big Plans For Water Supply Projects

The Global Rundown Officials in Peru say they are looking to finance billions of dollars in water projects to boost supplies in the capital, Lima. Large dams and other man-made water projects often improve water security upstream, but move water scarcity downstream, according to a new study. The energy contained in London’s sewers could provide […]

The Stream, June 15: Flint Water Crisis Triggers Manslaughter Charges

The Global Rundown Five officials in Michigan are being charged with involuntary manslaughter in relation to an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, linked to the city’s water crisis, that killed 12 people. A U.S. federal judge has ordered a review of the environmental assessment of the Dakota Access oil pipeline. Major water agencies in California plan […]