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The Stream, July 20: India Coal Plants Unable To Rely On Wastewater

The Global Rundown Coal-fired power plants in India do not have enough access to treated wastewater to use it for their operational needs, despite a policy encouraging such use, according to a recent report. Communities in Brazil that were hit by the Zika virus continue to have inadequate access to water and sanitation. China produced […]

The Stream, July 19: Efforts To Save Tanzania River Could Evict Thousands of Farmers

The Global Rundown Tanzania’s government is considering the eviction of thousands of farmers along the Great Ruaha River, which it says has been damaged by agriculture. Inadequate infrastructure and hot weather conditions are causing water shortages in the West Bank. California’s water board set a new drinking water standard for a carcinogenic chemical in the […]

The Stream, July 18: Planned Dams and Water Diversions Increase Risk of Transboundary Conflict

The Global Rundown New research suggests that planned dams and water diversions could contribute to increased conflict risks in river basins around the world. The number of factory farms is growing in the United Kingdom, raising concerns about pollution and animal welfare. A United Nations report calls on the international community to intensify efforts to […]

The Stream, July 17: Extreme Weather Could Put Global Food Supply At Risk, Study Finds

The Global Rundown Extreme droughts, heat waves, and floods could simultaneously put staple crops at risk in the world’s top producers, according to new research. The World Health Organization warned that the cholera outbreak in Yemen threatens the upcoming hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. A severe drought in southern Europe is destroying crops in Spain […]

The Stream, July 14: Israel, Palestine Agree On Water-Sharing Deal

The Global Rundown A water-sharing deal reached between Israel and Palestine aims to relieve shortages in Gaza and the West Bank. A startling number of environmental activists are being killed around the world, with nearly 100 dead this year. Climate change will deepen poverty and reduce development in the Asia-Pacific region, which includes some of […]

The Stream, July 13: Billions of People Still Lack Adequate Sanitation and Water

The Global Rundown More than half of the world’s population lacks access to adequate sanitation, a new report found. Providing insurance in low-income countries could cut the cost of natural disasters and reduce the need for aid. Excessive distribution losses and the mismanagement of resources are hampering efforts to provide reliable water in New Delhi. […]

The Stream, July 12: Irrigation, Crop Yields Will Drop In U.S. Hotspots Under Climate Change

The Global Rundown Crop yields in certain regions of the United States could take a significant hit as climate change reduces the water available for irrigation, a new study found. The cholera outbreak in Yemen may worsen the country’s food crisis, according to humanitarian officials. Proposed coal plants in Myanmar face stiff opposition over water […]

The Stream, July 11: Dry Weather Kindles Wildfires In British Columbia

The Global Rundown Hundreds of wildfires are burning in British Columbia, exacerbated by dry weather. Poor access to water and sanitation is creating a public health risk for those displaced by fighting in the Philippines. In Yemen, a cholera outbreak has surpassed 300,000 cases. The majority of source-water violations in cities along the Yangtze River […]

The Stream, July 10: Dire Outlook For Drought-Hit Horn of Africa

The Global Rundown A severe drought in East Africa will continue to stress food security across the region through next year, with Somalia still at risk of famine. Drought conditions in Portugal and Spain have cut grain harvests and forced officials to consider water restrictions. Swings between record droughts and floods are putting increasing pressure […]

The Stream, July 7: Water Still At Risk As Malaysia Bauxite Mining Ban Ignored

The Global Rundown Bauxite mining appears to be continuing in Malaysia, despite a ban meant to protect water supplies. Communities in rural California are still struggling with dry wells even after the drought’s end. Farmers in South Africa are raising concerns about water supplies as the country prepares to issue shale gas licenses for the […]

The Stream, July 6: More Crops Grown With Untreated Wastewater Than Thought

The Global Rundown Millions of people around the world are at risk as more crops are grown with untreated wastewater. An overflowing Brahmaputra River displaced thousands of people in India. Crop diversification could be one way to help farmers in South Asia reduce their reliance on dwindling groundwater supplies. Ethiopia is moving forward with plans […]

The Stream, July 5: China Floods Displace Thousands, Cut Hydropower

The Global Rundown Extensive flooding in southern China has destroyed thousands of homes and forced officials to cut production at two of the country’s largest hydropower plants. A spill of wastewater from a phosphate factory has contaminated a riverbed in Israel’s desert. More than a year after the Samarco mine disaster in Brazil, indigenous communities […]