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The Stream, June 14: Japan Cities Urged To Privatize Water As Costs Mount

The Global Rundown Japan’s government is encouraging cities to privatize their water systems to address the growing cost of replacing old water and sewage pipes. Officials in Pakistan say construction could soon begin on a massive hydropower dam in the Indus River Basin. A report alleges several large clothing brands source materials from factories that […]

The Stream, June 13: Water Concerns Cause Rift Over Coal Seam Gas In Australia Town

The Global Rundown Water concerns are at the center of a debate over the expansion of coal seam gas fields in New South Wales. A teachers’ pension fund in Canada could use its investments to influence private water companies in Chile. Phosphorus pollution declined significantly in China’s lakes over the past decade, but still has […]

The Stream, June 12: China Detains Factory Managers For Water Pollution

The Global Rundown China has detained three factory officials in connection with a water pollution case. A new study suggests droughts and floods linked to climate change could increase violence over food shortages. A clash between soldiers distributing food aid to drought-hit communities in Somalia killed five bystanders. Thousands of farmers in Zimbabwe are adopting […]

The Stream, June 9: Deadly Heat Waves On Rise In India, Compounded By Limited Water Access

The Global Rundown A rising number of deadly heat waves in India will hit poor communities especially hard due to their limited access to clean drinking water and other resources, researchers found. The cholera outbreak in Yemen is an “epidemic of an unprecedented scale,” according to the United Nations. Officials estimate that floods, droughts, and […]

The Stream, June 8: Dramatic Flood Increases Expected For U.S. Coastal Cities

The Global Rundown Major cities along the coasts of the United States could see a dramatic rise in the frequency of 100-year flood events by mid-century, new research found. The secretary-general of the United Nations called on member countries to increase cooperation on transboundary water issues. Qatar is looking to secure water and food supplies […]

The Stream, June 7: Yemen Cholera Death Toll Spikes 50 Percent

The Global Rundown More than 600 people have died in a cholera outbreak in Yemen, and World Health Organization officials warn that number could rise further. A conflict between farmers and pastoralists claimed two more lives in Kenya, where a drought has exacerbated longstanding tensions. A new report suggests water privatization is costing England’s households […]

The Stream, June 6: Sewage and Solid Waste Pollute Rivers In Kerala

The Global Rundown A new report identifies the dumping of sewage and solid waste as a key driver of poor water quality in Kerala’s rivers. Officials in Arizona are asking President Donald Trump to allow more uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, which could threaten water supplies for Native American communities. To enforce its water […]

The Stream, June 5: International Lenders Abandon Honduras Dam

The Global Rundown All three of the major international financial institutions that loaned money to the Agua Zarca dam in Honduras have withdrawn their support. Cape Town, South Africa is facing down a water crisis of “catastrophic proportions,” according to the city’s mayor. Water levels have reached record lows in Israel’s Sea of Galilee, where […]

The Stream, June 2: U.S. Withdraws From Paris Climate Agreement

The Global Rundown The landmark Paris climate deal to cut global carbon emissions lost one of the world’s biggest polluters after U.S. President Donald Trump decided that the country will no longer participate in the agreement. Kazakhstan says efforts to restore the northern portion of the shrinking Aral Sea have helped revive the region’s commercial […]

The Stream, June 1: Majority of England’s Floodplains Degraded, Report Finds

The Global Rundown The vast majority of floodplains in England have been degraded by agriculture, urbanization, and poor management. The expiration of a key water-sharing agreement along the Delaware River could lead to more extreme droughts and floods, activists say. Oil and gas development in the shale formations of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas has not […]

The Stream, May 31: Record Harvests In Southern Africa Unlikely To Help Drought-Hit East

The Global Rundown Plentiful rain and record corn crops in southern Africa are unlikely to ease food shortages in drought-hit East Africa due to trade barriers. The World Health Organization criticized the global tobacco industry for perpetrating environmental damage. Scientists found that groundwater springs in Africa’s Rift Valley likely shaped human evolution and dispersal. Monsoon […]

The Stream, May 30: Bangladesh Braces For More Floods As Cyclone Approaches

The Global Rundown Flooding and storm surge from Cyclone Mora could devastate coastal areas of Bangladesh, which is still recovering from April’s widespread floods. In Sri Lanka, floods are raising the risk of waterborne disease outbreaks. Thousands of people in Mosul, Iraq face limited access to water, food, and medicine, according to the United Nations. […]