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The Stream, May 29: Deadly Rains Trigger Landslides In Sri Lanka

The Global Rundown Landslides triggered by the worst rains in more than a decade have killed more than 150 people in Sri Lanka. Facing drought and rising seas, the president of Kiribati says international climate funding is not coming quickly enough for his country. Wastewater spills from a proposed coal seam gas project in New […]

The Stream, May 26: Leaders At UN Disaster Conference Urge Action On Water

The Global Rundown Leaders participating in the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Cancun, Mexico urged countries to reduce water risks. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to postpone compliance with a rule meant to limit water pollution from power plants. An oil spill from wells damaged during protests in Colombia could contaminate […]

The Stream, May 25: Millions Still Face Hunger In Ethiopia

The Global Rundown Rainfall across Ethiopia has not erased hunger for millions of people, and food insecurity could actually deepen over the next several months. Rising sea levels are expected to put more pressure on the National Flood Insurance Program in the United States, which is already billions of dollars in debt. The number of […]

The Stream, May 24: Hawaii Floods Linked To Rising Seas, Climate Change

The Global Rundown Climate changed helped drive coastal flooding in Hawaii last month, researchers found, while similar events are predicted to occur this week and later this summer. New data show the cholera outbreak in Yemen is growing rapidly. Western Cape province in South Africa was declared a disaster zone due to a severe drought […]

The Stream, May 23: India Sand Mining Conflict Turns Deadly

The Global Rundown A conflict over sand mining in an Indian river killed four people this week. A draft report submitted to NATO warned that water and food shortages linked to climate change will compound the risk of conflict in the Middle East and Africa. Large areas of the Midwest United States received double the […]

The Stream, May 22: Water Efficiency Improves in U.S. Cities, Lags In Rural Areas

The Global Rundown Water efficiency has improved in U.S. cities over the last 30 years, but rural areas are being left behind. The World Health Organization predicts Yemen could see hundreds of thousands of cholera cases during the next six months. Aid agencies warn that millions of people in Somalia still need food assistance despite […]

The Stream, May 19: Kenya Floods Add Misery For Drought-Affected Herders

The Global Rundown Floods in Kenya have killed thousands of cattle, harming herders who also lost livestock to the country’s severe drought. Officials in Indonesia say efforts to restore water to peatlands will dampen the smoke pollution caused by annual forest fires this year. Even small increases in global sea levels could have significant effects […]

The Stream, May 18: China Water Quality May Benefit From New U.S. Trade Deal

The Global Rundown Water pollution from China’s agricultural sector could decline if imports of U.S. meat increase under a new trade deal. Scientists believe a newly discovered reservoir of hot water below New Zealand could provide a substantial source of geothermal energy. An anti-corruption investigation into New Delhi’s water tanker scandal is reaching the capital’s […]

The Stream, May 17: Cape Town Considers Water Limits Amid Drought

The Global Rundown Cape Town, South Africa may limit the amount of water residents receive in response to a drought that federal officials say has “overwhelmed” the country. Parts of New Delhi experienced cuts in water service this week due to a shortage officials have blamed on Haryana. Water has become a prominent issue in […]

The Stream, May 16: Britain’s Labour Party Mulls Plan To Nationalize Water Services

The Global Rundown Nationalizing Britain’s water and sewage services could save households more than $100 each year, according to the Labour Party. Drug trafficking is driving deforestation in Central America, researchers found, threatening ecosystem services. The death toll from a cholera outbreak in Yemen continues to climb. Chinese banana plantations in Laos have given rural […]

The Stream, May 15: Pakistan Hydropower Gets $50 Billion Boost From China

The Global Rundown A new investment deal between China and Pakistan will direct billions of dollars to hydropower projects in the Indus River Basin. Turkey began moving a 500-year-old tomb away from the Tigris River in an effort to make way for the Ilisu dam. Yemen declared a state of emergency in response to a […]

The Stream, May 12: Days Numbered For U.S. Glaciers, Scientists Say

The Global Rundown Glaciers in the contiguous United States may be gone by mid-century, according to scientists. Somalia needs an additional $900 million in aid to address food and water shortages caused by drought. A cholera outbreak in Yemen, spread through contaminated water, has now killed more than 50 people. Not enough money is set […]