The Stream, December 19: Climate Change and Everest at a Gigapixel

Barge traffic on a stretch of the Rhine River has come to a halt due to high water levels, which can impede barge movement under bridges and create dangerous waves, Reuters reported. Shipments of gasoline headed for Germany and Switzerland could get backed up as a result.

A new report by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) details 126 newly identified species discovered in the Greater Mekong basin in 2011. Portraits of some of the species can be seen in this slideshow from the Guardian.

Climate Change
A panoramic image comprised of nearly 400 photographs taken by filmmaker David Breashears gives an unprecedented look at Mount Everest, allowing viewers to zoom and pan along the Himalayan skyline. In an interview with NPR, Breashears explains his project to document glaciers and climate change in the Himalayas.

Researchers from Australia plan to drill a 40-meter (131-foot) deep ice core in Antarctica’s Aurora Basin, which could provide a record of climatic conditions spanning 2,000 years, Xinhua reported.

Hydraulic Fracturing
In an effort to transport hydraulic fracturing waste water more cheaply and efficiently, the U.S. shale gas industry is seeking to gain permission to ship the waste on barges through inland waterways, Reuters reported. Environmentalists have raised concerns about the practice, but proponents of barge shipments say they are safer than the truck transport used now.

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