The Stream, December 19: Climate Change and Everest at a Gigapixel

Barge traffic on a stretch of the Rhine River has come to a halt…

Support for UN Water Treaty Accelerates

Progress on the treaty, which deals with transboundary water basins, or those shared by two or more countries, had stalled — until a major conservation group got involved.

Building China’s 21st-century Megacity: Shanghai’s Experiment with Water and Nature

A new community on the Yangtze River has, so far, been more successful at attracting ducks than people. But city officials have their sights set high for Lingang Port City, which they say could be home to nearly a million people by 2050. Cleaner water will be a big help.

More People, More Problems — Water Challenges with Chinese Urbanization

Recent reports reveal the nation's freshwater challenges and their possible solutions.

Climate Change, Population Growth Threaten to Dry Up Britain’s Rivers

As Britain's water supply faces fluctuation, an environmental group is calling for systemic reform and improved conservation.