The Stream, June 30: Farmers Oppose Major Australia Coal Mine Over Water Concerns

The Global Rundown

Thousands of Australian farmers came out against the Carmichael coal mine in Queensland, citing groundwater concerns. Michigan’s attorney general called on the state to set a timeline for closing the Line 5 oil pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac, and the state released a draft report that reviews alternatives to the pipeline. A drought in the northern U.S. Plains region has damaged wheat crops and forced North Dakota to declare an emergency. Researchers say efforts to improve resilience to droughts and other climate shocks must take into account local solutions. Former and current employees are suing the water department in Chicago, alleging pervasive racism and sexism.

“The safety and security of our Great Lakes is etched in the DNA of every Michigan resident.” –Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, calling on the state to set a specific timeline for decommissioning the section of the controversial Line 5 oil pipeline that runs below the Straits of Mackinac. The state released a draft report Thursday outlining alternatives to the pipeline. The report estimated that removing the line would cost $200 million. (Associated Press ; MLive)

In context: Great Lakes oil pipeline in violation of operating agreement, groups allege.

By The Numbers

25 percent Area of North Dakota currently experiencing “extreme drought,” according to the latest data. The state declared a drought and fire emergency this week, while dry conditions throughout the northern Plains region helped push up global prices for spring wheat. Reuters

2,000 farmers and other agriculture leaders that form the Farmers for Climate Action group in Australia have expressed their opposition to the Carmichael coal mine project in Queensland, citing concerns about groundwater. Guardian

Science, Studies, And Reports

Efforts to build community resilience to droughts, floods, and other climate shocks must take into account methods that are already being employed locally, according to researchers meeting in Oxford, England. One example is the way communities in rural South Africa apportion more water to cattle than goats during droughts. While this leaves goat herders — often women — with fewer resources, the cattle herders are in turn expected to help their neighbors and relatives. Reuters

On The Radar

Seven current and former employees of the Chicago water department filed a lawsuit against the city this week, citing racism and sexism. The lawsuit claims that African American employees at the department endured racial slurs and harassment, and were denied promotions. Chicago Tribune