The Stream, July 21: Mexico Tests Insurance For Environmental Resources

The Global Rundown

An insurance scheme to protect coral reefs in Mexico could become a new model for preserving natural resources around the world. Researchers in Australia warn that changing storm patterns due to climate change will increase the risk of coastal flooding and damage. Argentina has started work on a major infrastructure project to link millions of people to sewage networks near Buenos Aires. Tamil Nadu is considering a proposal to build groundwater recharge structures across the state’s river basins. Water infrastructure upgrades in New Orleans could temporarily raise levels of lead for some residents, according to the city’s inspector general.

“Climate change is not only raising the oceans and threatening foreshores, but making our coastlines much more vulnerable as the direction of incoming storms change.” –Ian Turner, director of the Water Research Laboratory at the University of New South Wales, commenting on a new study that warns shifting storm patterns will expose coastal infrastructure previously thought safe from floods and other storm damage. (Science Daily)

By The Numbers

177 groundwater recharge structures Number that would be built across river basins in Tamil Nadu under a government proposal that seeks funding from the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund. The Hindu

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$1.2 billion Cost of a major sewage infrastructure project in Argentina that began construction this week. Capable of transporting 2.3 million cubic meters of water each day, the project is expected to connect 1.5 million people near Buenos Aires to sewage systems. BN Americas

Science, Studies, And Reports

Drinking water supplies in New Orleans may be at risk from temporarily elevated levels of lead as the city pursues $2.4 billion of water infrastructure upgrades, according to a report from the city’s inspector general. City water managers say that water supplies are safe, and that they are taking steps to warn residents affected by construction projects about the possibility of lead exposure. CBS News

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On The Radar

A new insurance scheme in Mexico aims to use premiums paid by local tourism businesses and governments to protect a coral reef off the coast of Cancún. Organizers say the project could prove a useful model for safeguarding natural resources and ecosystem services in other areas around the world. Guardian