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The Silver Menace, or Battle for the Great Lakes

Imported from Taiwan and brought to Arkansas as weed control agents three decades ago, Asian carp have become the poster children of potential threats to the Great Lakes. As the fish inch closer to invading Lake Michigan, regional and national politicians debate the financial consequences of coping with the invasive species. With the fate of multi-billion dollar a year industries on the line, the Obama administration has offered some fiscal support to quell the storm.

Meanwhile Michigan's Lt. Gov. has taken his case to the Supreme Court twice, hoping for sweeping action. The conflict ignites deep-rooted water debates, including resource rights, diversion legitimacy, and long-term conservation planning. As action remains slow and debates continue, the invasive species become increasingly more threatening to the region.

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Asian Carp Stories

Asian Carp Links

  • A list of eating instructions The Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries posted a video and instructions on carp consumption.
  • Asian Carp Management An official U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Web site designed to coordinate control and management of Asian carp in the U.S.
  • GLU: Battling Back the Asian Carp Great Lakes United summarizes latest Carp news, outlets for action.
  • Great Lakes Fishery Commission The GLFC has created a special page with Asian carp information.
  • No Asian Carp Michigan House Democrats host this site promoting closure of the Chicago area canals that connect to Lake Michigan
  • Noah Hall Asian Carp Litigation Professor Noah Hall, of Wayne State University Law School and visiting Professor at the University of Michigan, explores carp and canal law.
  • Stop Asian Carp Launched by Michigan Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Cox to support closure of Chicago-area locks to Lake Michigan.
  • U.S. EPA: Asian Carp & the Great Lakes The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created this Asian-carp specific invasive species page.
  • Wikipedia Asian carp General species breakdown, cultural background, litigation and source for further references.
  • Wisconsin DNR Asian Carp Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ invasive species information page.

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