Video: WaterLife Director Kevin McMahon Tells the Story of the Great Lakes

From Canadian filmmaker Kevin McMahon comes Waterlife — a cinematic survey of the state of the Great Lakes in Canada and the United States. Holding one-fifth of the world’s fresh water, the Great Lakes are, as McMahon puts it, “home to 35 million lucky people in a thirsty world.”

In his aquatic exploration, McMahon tours the waters, the ecology and the environmental challenges of the lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. The feature-long documentary reveals how the lakes shape the lives of those living on their shores and how individuals, industries and invasive species subsequently transform these vast bodies of water.

McMahon spoke with Circle of Blue about his film, the Great Lakes and the world fresh water crisis.

[flv:Kevin_McMahon_575.flv 575 323]

Kevin McMahon talks about Waterlife after its debut at the 2009 Traverse City Film Festival in July. Video by Aaron Jaffe for Circle of Blue.

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  1. doug says:

    excellent film, a must see. explains many issues of fresh water and the planet today in an engaging and beautiful way. the cinematography creates conflicting sensory messages within the context of the film: is this beautiful or horrifying?

  2. doug says:

    I would like to find a way to contact Kevin McMahon.
    Do you have an email address and other way to connect.
    I’d like to discuss visiting our school and discussing his research on the film.
    doug paige
    assoc professor – industrial design
    the cleveland institute of art

  3. DaleDuShane says:

    Couldn’t sleep woke up and tuned in by chance- Awesome! this is a must see in environmental studies classes for every human. 10 good quiz questions fom it should spark more interest- better than a book- more like a crystal ball- and what it means and what it’s going to take to problem solve this. Our Indigenous concerns are warranted and should slap you from your ignorances. Olami Owassa. N’yawe!

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