West Virginia Bets Big on Plastics, and on Backing of Trump Administration

The state’s leaders want a federal loan guarantee to build a giant chemical storage plant that could cost as much as $10 billion.

Michigan leads nation in PFAS. It will lead cleanups, too, U.S. reps say

A report this month found Michigan leads the nation in sites contaminated with toxic chemicals known as PFAS, and the state’s bipartisan delegation in Congress has introduced a flurry of legislation to increase testing.

2019 Preview: U.S. Government Water Policy

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Slideshow: Water On The Prairie

North Dakota’s prairie pothole wetlands are under threat from rapid oil and agricultural development.

Toxic Algae Flourish As Everglades Solution Eludes Florida

The blooms plaguing coastal estuaries are a symptom of a system out of balance.

North America Clean Energy Plan Could Boost Canadian Hydropower

Leaders pledge more use of low-carbon fuels. By Brett…

Oregon Congressman Releases Draft Klamath River Bill

Legislation does not authorize or fund dam removal.

U.S. Military Aims to Improve Water Security, Climate Resilience

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Paris Negotiators Expected to Reach First Global Climate Pact

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