Perfluorinated Chemicals Health Study Included in Congress Budget Deal

CDC will assess exposure to the chemical at U.S. military bases.

Straight Pipes Foul Kentucky’s Long Quest to Clean Its Soiled Waters

A two-decade mission to reduce sewage pollution still has a lot of work to finish.

California Hepatitis Outbreak Has Killed 19 People

State health emergency declared in response to largest U.S. hepatitis A outbreak in more than two decades.

Water A Key Factor in Zika Virus Spread

Zika is carried by mosquitoes that reproduce in standing water,…

Hookworm Infections and Sanitation Failures Plague Rural Alabama

New civil rights movement emerges around septic system pollution   By…

Report: Water, Sanitation Integral to Ending World Hunger

Droughts, floods, and a lack of clean water slow the elimination of food insecurity in developing nations.

Infographic: Toxic Algae in Ohio Drinking Water Sources

Algae toxins have been found in seven lakes, reservoirs, and rivers that supply drinking water to 1 million people.

Photo Slideshow: China's Polluted Waters

Pollution is a major driver of water scarcity in China, especially in the places where economic growth is the highest and water resources are under the most stress — China’s dry northern breadbaskets and its biggest manufacturing hubs in the south and east.

Report: New Sanitation Figures Compete with UN Statistics for Meeting Millennium Development Goals

Official United Nations figures claim that 2.5 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation. But new research from the University of North Carolina puts the total at more than 4.1 billion people.

Toxic Water: Across Much of China, Huge Harvests Irrigated with Industrial and Agricultural Runoff

The dirty truth about the world’s largest grain producer.

Video: Water For People Strives To Reach Everyone Forever

This month, Ned Breslin promos a creative video that explains his organization's innovative model for the WASH sector.

Global Gold Rush: The Price of Mining Pursuits On The Water Supply

Water supplies remain key to the global boom in gold mining, driven by high demand and near-record prices.