Video: U.S.-China Climate Pact Is the Real Deal

Circle of Blue's Keith Schneider discusses the implications of the landmark climate agreement.

Video: Global Choke Point — On the Front Lines of the Water-Food-Energy Crisis

Circle of Blue and the Wilson Center team up for a Global Choke Point presentation.

Film Review: 'Divide in Concord' Details Revolution of America’s First Bottled Water Ban

Photo courtesy of Kris Kaczor / 750 ProductionsJean Hill fought…
Just before sunrise, New York City’s skyline is reflected in the Hudson River. The world has roughly 30 megacities, including New York, which is one of two in the United States — Los Angeles being the other. Megacities are defined as metropolitan areas with populations that are greater than 10 million.

No Water, No Cities: A Review of "The Human Scale" at the Traverse City Film Festival

Danish documentary explores the beating human heart of cities but fails to examine water in the urban landscape.

Video: India — A Nation Heading Towards a Water-Food-Energy Choke Point

After spending a month in India, Circle of Blue's India team members debrief their findings.

Report: UN Proposes a Common Definition for Water Security on World Water Day 2013

Water security should have a common language, and it should be a priority for global sustainable development goals, according to a new report by UN-Water.

Video: Scarcity, Pollution, and Energy are Choke Point: China II Focus

Choke Point: China is an on-the-ground report that displays in…

Video: Pat Mulroy at the 2012 WaterSmart Innovations Conference

Patricia Mulroy, general manager of the Las Vegas Valley Water District and the Southern Nevada Water Authority, addresses the 5th Annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference.

Video: Water For People Strives To Reach Everyone Forever

This month, Ned Breslin promos a creative video that explains his organization's innovative model for the WASH sector.
Mapping Grand Traverse Bay with the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute

Video: Mapping Grand Traverse Bay with the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute

A narrated photo gallery of a day on the bay.

Film Review: Last Call at the Oasis

A documentary film on the world’s water crisis opens this weekend.
The winning design by Richard Vijgen in the World Water Day competition by HeadsUP and will be on display in New York City's Times Square for one month. Titled “Seasonal and Longterm Changes in Groundwater Levels,” Vijgen's design uses NASA's gravitational data.

Satellite Perspectives: NASA's GRACE Program Sees Groundwater From Space

A first-of-its-kind space mission shows dips in groundwater supplies…