Mapping Grand Traverse Bay with the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute

Video: Mapping Grand Traverse Bay with the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute

A narrated photo gallery of a day on the bay.

Film Review: Last Call at the Oasis

A documentary film on the world’s water crisis opens this weekend.
The winning design by Richard Vijgen in the World Water Day competition by HeadsUP and will be on display in New York City's Times Square for one month. Titled “Seasonal and Longterm Changes in Groundwater Levels,” Vijgen's design uses NASA's gravitational data.

Satellite Perspectives: NASA’s GRACE Program Sees Groundwater From Space

A first-of-its-kind space mission shows dips in groundwater supplies…

The Stream, January 26: The Shale Boom and the Economy

The International Energy Agency will make shale gas recommendations…
Mozambique Guitar Hero

Ned Breslin: Lessons From Polio

One of my best friends fell victim to polio as a child, as he describes in this Frontline story from PBS.

Video: Confronting Water Scarcity & Energy Demand in China

Choke Point: China is an on-the-ground report that displays in text, photographs, and interactive graphics the powerful evidence of a potentially ruinous confrontation between growth, water, and fuel that is already visible across China; a confrontation that is virtually certain to grow more dire over the next decade.

Tehuacán Video Essay: Scarcity and Solutions – Pt. 1

The Tehuacán Valley captures the tragedy and triumph of Mexico’s worst freshwater crisis in decades. In this video, meet Francisca Rosas Valencia, a leader who is working to better her community's water future.
Ball State Infographic Video Thumbnail

Circle of Blue & Ball State University – Infographic Partnership

Immersive program puts advanced students in the center of “one…
Circle of Blue & BSU

Circle of Blue and Ball State University Form Global Multimedia Reporting Project

Collaboration to focus on water, energy, and climate in China and Great Lakes. Immersive program puts advanced students in the center of “one of the decade’s biggest news, policy, and technology issues.”

40 Interviews in Davos

J. Carl Ganter was interviewed by Hub Culture in Davos this year. For…

Clinton Global Initiative Highlights Circle of Blue’s Commitment to Report News and Science

Choke Point: U.S. series chronicles collision between nation's increasing energy demand and diminishing water supply

Q&A: Josh Fox on the ‘Toxification’ of U.S. Water Sources in the Dig for Natural Gas

The documentary “Gasland" has shown at film festivals and on HBO.